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Happy New Year!!

  Howdy All – By now the rest of the continental US had slide into 2009. Hope you had a good New Years Eve, mine was ok. You see I don’t get paid until Saturday so my New Years party will be put off for a few days, then I can celebrate the New Year with a bang and then some. That is cool, I can wait. But sitting here listening to the fireworks in the distance and smelling them in the air brought back a fond memory of New Years Eve 1986, soon to be 1987. I was in the Army and I was stationed at Fort Sheridan, Illinois. It was 30 miles or so north of Chicago. I was one of the post’s switchboard operators. The post was in the middle of getting a 3-4 million dollar phone system overhaul, finally bring the back office and the switchboards into the 20th century. As I was still working on an OLD cord board, that on several occasions there 6 of these monster board but one of them end up smoking one day and cease to functioning. I actually found an old picture from the 50’s and commented that we were probably using the same switchboards that were in that photo. Anyway, I was alone working the night shift (I think it might have been the 9 pm to 6 am shift). I had brought with me a bottle of Champagne (Martini & Rossi Asti Spumante, my favorite), and some fireworks.

  So about an hour or so before midnight a few of my co-workers and buddies from my building stopped by to visit me and insisted that I have some of their liquor and beer, why yes, while I was still working I was getting plowed with my friends on the job. I started calling various post switchboards as they hit the New Years moment for their perspective time zones and wishing them a Happy New Year. I also called several of the overseas switchboards as well. When we hit midnight, we went out side to fire off the roman candle and light some sparklers. It was very cold and windy outside, plus one of the roaming MP’s (military police) happen to walk by  as it was going off, I said this is my tribute to the New Year but he smiled and didn’t say anything and continued on. We went back in an ended up lighting a few sparklers indoors. If you don’t know it, sparklers give off smoke, a lot of it, as well as those pretty sparks which can really burn a hole in the carpet. As the room was filling up with smoke, only then did someone ask if the smoke detector was still disconnected?! “Oh my god, I don’t know!”, I said. So we were franticly opening the windows and front door to vent the smoke. All I can say was Thank Goo that the alarm system had not been hooked up. We later found out that they were suppose to have done it that previous week but had gotten behind and left it to do after New Years day <whew>!! I would not have enjoyed explaining why I was drunk, had non-switchboard friends in the building and burning sparklers indoors.

  Every one went home after that and the rest of the night was uneventful. But only because I took a nap not long after they left. I don’t think I missed any calls. I had a headache when I woke up and I zoomed out of there as soon as the first day shift person got there to relived me.



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  1. Happy New Year, yourself! I love that memory you wrote of – see, that’s what REALLY goes on in the army, not any of this “fighting” stuff :P.

    Comment by slightlyignorant | January 1, 2009 | Reply

    • Thanks, Hope you had a good New Years Eve and Day. I’ve got a bunch of funny stories of my time in the Army. I’ll have to post a few more of the better one’s. While I might not have supported the war, I’ll always, always support the men and women that are over fighting/stuck in it. They go and do as they are commanded, you don’t get much say in the matter.
      Talk later.


      Comment by pnehem | January 1, 2009 | Reply

  2. HAHAHAHA, that seems pretty enjoyable! So how was your New Year celebrations this year?


    Comment by confessionsofaclosetcase | January 9, 2009 | Reply

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