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Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Hanukkah, Joyous Kwanzaa and Bah Humbug!!

  Howdy all – For me it’s Merry Christmas and to all of you out there I hope I hit it with one of the 5 greetings above. Wanted to get this post done last night (early this morning) but was trying to catch up with all my past Plurks, Tweets and getting my World of Warcraft Great Father Winter/Festivus presents for most of my game characters (I wasn’t sure if I would have time today to go and do it today as I didn’t know when we were going over to my step-sisters house for Christmas dinner.)

   Just finish watching the Phoenix Suns get edge out of a victory because my sister’s husband and my nephew (Tanner) were at the game. We were hoping that we might get a glimpse of them either during the game or after the end of it. ESPN didn’t stay long after the game and went right on to another scheduled game elsewhere. It would have been better if I knew where they were sitting so I could have been looking in that area instead of trying to scan the whole building. Tanner loves sports and all things Shaquille O’Neal so I’m sure tonight he’ll be wearing a grin from ear to ear and we will be hearing all about the game. 

  I ended up having to borrow some money from my dad this Christmas because I once again wasn’t thinking and spent my extra money I had after bills. I had set that money aside so that I could at least get the kids something to give them on Christmas.  The adults can wait until next month but they are both old enough now to realize if someone hasn’t given them something for Christmas. I hated doing it to Tanner last year. But last year I had a good excuse and made up for it many times over when his birthday came around. He loves rocks as much as sports and I got him this huge box full of great specimens. So I ask my step-sister what the kids would like or want for Christmas: Tanner was sports and I don’t know, Tatum was Barbies and I not sure or a together gift was perhaps a board game of I don’t know or I’m not sure what all they have <sigh> OK. So I must have called her 4 times as I went through Wal-Mart on Christmas Eve. I eventually got them the Madagascar  2 Wii game. It looked like fun that both of them would enjoy and maybe my sister and her husband as well. 

  I just read a wonderful story about Christmas giving/kindness on the CNN website, it is well worth the it to take the time to read the story.

  I’m going to sign off for now. I was going to add a bit about Christmas dinner but I’m going to wait to see how things far this year as opposed to last year. If they turn out the same then you’ll here all about it.

  Hope you have a great day/evening!


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  1. Merry Christmas and a happy new year soon! Hope your Christmas dinner is/was both delicious and enjoyable and full of family warmth :).

    Comment by slightlyignorant | December 26, 2008 | Reply

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