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Bangladesh Global Worker Trip

  My church has been doing several short-term trips to various places around the world. Mainly to Muslim areas of the world where there are no global workers. Global Worker is the new term for missionary, since the word “missionary” usually brings to mind someone running around trying to convert you to their beliefs. The “short-term” trip (2 weeks in our case) is a rather new concept in the Missions Community. I guess one could say there has been lots of trial and error that didn’t always have the best outcome.

  I originally want to go on the Turkey trip that they had not too long ago but where they were going was very rough terrain and definitely not wheelchair accessible. As I learned later it was really good that I did not go on the trip as the areas where they went were very rocky and difficult to get buy with two working feet. There would have been no way that I could have gone on any of the walking tours and most of other events that they did. 

 I kept asking and hoping that they would go somewhere that I would be able to go to as well. Our church has been open for just over a year and already they have gone on at least 3 short term trips. They have been to Morocco, Algiers and Turkey. Next year they are going to Bangladesh, Northern Iraq (Medical Trip) and Northern India, with the  possibility of add more. I decided to try for the Bangladesh trip and if that did work to keep trying to find a trip that I could attend. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m sure that hardly anything in Bangladesh will handicap accessible, in fact I’m sure a few things will be hard to deal with. But they contacted the local support people and they felt that this would be a good training for them and that I should be able to get around most places. I’ve learned long ago how to hope out of the chair and either crawl around on all fours or crab walk if I needed to get someplace the wheelchair doesn’t fit. I can also “ass walk” up steps if the building doesn’t have an elevator.

  We had our first “Pre-field” training session last Sunday. They break the short-term trip into three phases: Pre-field, On-field and Post-field. All three phases are important for the most long term impact. Pre-field training is where you learn about short-term trips, briefly about the people and culture where you are going, some basic key phrases, dress code, how not to come across as the “stupid american that known nothing about us” and more.

  What I’m trying not to get the best of me is how to raise the $3200+ for the trip. We went over “Support Raising”, how to write a support letter and what it should contain. I’m just trying not to panic and figure out who I know that I can send it to, to ask for support as there is no way I could ever pay for the trip for myself. Asking for support is both humbling plus it makes you more reliant on God, allows others the blessing of participating in your experience, helps you better identify with the efforts of long-term global workers, plus a few other points. So I’ll probably post my letter here to get some feedback and I’ll keep you up to date as I go through the train classes.

  Next hurtle is to get my passport in the next month. What makes it worst is I can’t find my copy of my birth certificate. So now it’s looking like a need a copy of that first and then use that to apply for the passport, all during the month of Christmas and New Years, oh joy! Please keep me in your prayers, as I’ll need lots of prayer!

  P.S. – I forgot to include the dates of the trip. It is currently scheduled to be from March 6th to March 17th 2009. I’ll also do more blog posts of some of the things we talk about and learn in the Pre-field training.


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