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Sorry, A Few Thoughts, Another Trip to Phoenix

  Sorry I haven’t posted in several weeks, I’ve found that when you don’t do a “Part 2” a few days after “Part 1” you forget what the hell “Part 2” was going to be about! Especially with the way my mind wanders all over the damn place. I’m going to have to go back and read my own posting to try and figure it out.

  I’ve got to get better at posting to my blog, I wish there was a way to show my general Plurks and Tweets that I send out via ( I’m going to have to check that out so that at least you get the general info that I send out. 

  I went to Phoenix again last Thursday on the 4th . I meant to stay for only the one night but as fate would have it I ended up staying until Monday! I had to get the footpads that go to my wheelchair. I had left them at house that I always try to visit when I’m in Phoenix because he is a great guy (We’ll call him B because I’m not going to mention any actual names because I’m not sure how they would feel about being part of this post)and I’m always learning something from him. He doesn’t look his age, let’s just say I hope I’m as active as he is when I’m 70! I was like “No way!” when he told me that. He sometimes has great sex parties, sometime a lot of guys and sometimes not. Lately I’ve seem to be coming on the no guys nights. 😦 But B is a great host and always has something even when there is no action. Thursday was quiet, he had been up all night wednesday <wink wink> and needed to get some rest.

  So I was in the other room with D that was staying there a few days. We were checking out the Adam4Adam site when out of the blue I saw a picture of a couple I had been trying to hook up with for over a year! The timing was never right and then their profile was deleted. So I immediately sent them a note asking what was up and how they were doing. Well I ended up going over to their place early Friday morning. Got frisky with the guys (M&C) but a few things came up and cut that short, but I ended up staying until Sunday (Amazing how great stuff can make the days fade away). We talked a lot and I listened a lot (I’m good at listening), I worked on their computer some, trying to get it to run a bit better. They are good, down to earth, no drama guys. I am very glad that I was finally able to hook up with them. Now I hope I have yet another place to visit in my Phoenix travels. 

  I contacted yet another person that I had been after and they said they would be available on Monday to play – Monday, Yikes! But I thought I might be able to swing it as I thought I had someone else lined up for Sunday night. This was also the weekend that I kept forgetting shit at other peoples houses. Like my teeth (that pretty smile comes out and that helps enable me to give great BJ’s),  I realized sometime Friday afternoon that my teeth were soaking back at B’s house in the downstairs bathroom. So I got a ride over to B’s house to get my teeth. Then I get a message on Adam4Adam that I left my footplates in the back of the M&C’s roommates truck (Oh shit, where is my mind?!). So I get a ride from D back over to the other apartment and get the damn footplates. I started to head out to the Sunday visit and I call the guy to chat to make sure everything was still good to go. Well, I should have called sooner as we did chat but come to find out he just wanted to talk to me a few more times before I could come over. Well, Shit!; then someone need to word their email differently because they were coming across all hot and bothered.

  So I turned around and headed back to  M&C’s apartment. I was hoping to just spend the night on the couch, like I did Saturday night. But they had a movie night planned and had a good friend coming over and basically there was no room. So I had to go, no problem, I understand completely! 

  I ended up calling B and asked if I could spend the night. I don’t ever want to come across as a pain for B and I try not to overstay my welcome. I said I’d gladly sleep on the couch. Well later that night D had gone to get these 2 guys. They looked familiar, perhaps from Adam4Adam but I couldn’t place the name’s. Well, I was on the fringe watching them get setup. B came over to me and mentioned that he thought I was going to be on the couch tonight. Ack, we all know what happens when one assumes something, well I assumed it was going to be open play, I was wrong. Here is where I learned another lesson. That not all the guys that come over are there for open play, they might be here only for B or D and that one should always ask before making a fool of one’s self. So I grabbed a porn and headed downstairs. I started watching TrueBlood on HBO, trying to get caught up. Then B came downstairs and said it was ok if I came up. They knew who I was and was ok if I played with them. SWEET! When I got a good look at them I realized that this was yet another couple that I had also been trying to hook up with. If fact I had talk to one or both of them earlier that day. It was fun and enjoyable. I’d love to play with them again some time!

  Now it’s Monday and I’m scanning A4A (Adam4Adam) to make sure this Monday meeting is a go. While figuring out how to get there I get a note saying that something came up and we can’t meet, how about Tuesday. NOPE, SORRY – I’m out of my pills, my clothes smell like something, my beard is scraggly and I have no other place to stay. So I was finally homeward bound: Thank goodness!!

  I had a great time and meet some good guys. The only bad thing is that I spent way more money than I thought I did. I was suppose to see if I could pawn a nice new camera a buddy gave me (Sony DSC-T70). It’s so nice that I’ll be getting that back. I just hate the thought that I have to do that to have some cash for the rest of the month. <Sigh>


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  2. My, my you have been busy. In my recent travels I found it hard to be dependant on other people if they are very good friends. That’s why I made sure that if the shit hits the fan I had a hotel booking.

    Keep well

    Comment by fixator | December 14, 2008 | Reply

    • Thanks for the comment. That is a great idea. I just need to make sure I haven’t spent all my money on other things like I did on this weekend. That way if I had to stay some place, I would have the money for it.
      I hope your ankle is better and I liked the Annie Lennox videos!


      Comment by pnehem | December 15, 2008 | Reply

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