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I’ve Gotten Behind Again – Updated 9/30 – Ok 10/1

More to come tomorrow 9-30 – sorry folks that as the title states, I’ve gotten behind in my posting. Which I could say I’ve been playing to much WOW but that isn’t the case. I’ll fill in tomorrow. Talk tomorrow.

  So here it is 9/30, I got lucky in that I placed this title in the wee morning hours of 9/29 so that later in the day when I my tired ass remember that I was to update this post, I thought. “great yet another day has past and no blog entry!”, when in fact I got lucky and realized that today that earlier when I went to bed it was the 30th and after several hours sleep, I’ll get up and it will still be the 30th and if I’m diligent <cough><cough> I’ll still be able to get the post in by the 30th…are you getting this, are you still following me?? Well that’s good because I’ve lost myself a few lines back.  Hehehe.

   ** Off Topic comment – Sweet, Autosave is my friend!! My browser locked up while this posting was saving. I wrote everything down again but I just saw a comment that there was an autosave version. Yeah I don’t have to retype everything back in. Ok now back to the reason why no postings. **

  So why didn’t I keep up with the Blog this week, well I had a doctor appointment in Phoenix on the 24th (that was Wednesday). I don’t get to Phoenix that often so I always make the most of it because I don’t have a car. So if I didn’t call for a taxi ride (Care Directions ( ) covers the cost of a taxi ride to and from Gilbert to the VA) But you have to call a day in advance, easy right! Well dummy here doesn’t always do that. So if I forget then I get to take the bus into Phoenix (Phx from now on). It takes 3 buses and 3 hours to get to the VA on 650 E. Indian School Road. I don’t mind much as my route take me through ASU and Mmm Mmm those young hot things are so good to glance and a daydream but so are the other men that come and go on the bus. I do especially like Loloma Station and the interesting dance of the “I’m available for you to take me home for (now I’m guessing here) said price or free (but I’ll rip you off blind and take anything in your house that isn’t nailed down).” Now mind you the guys that are out on this walk are rather cute, but I just get the “Danger Will Robinson, Danger” from some of them and “You too damn much and I don’t pay for sex (ok, so I did once, it was on accident and I prefer to forget that rather odd experience). Any way, I was able to take a taxi up to the VA. Well I lined up visiting my friends that I always try to visit when I go to Phx.

  I spent Wednesday night there, spending the night is always fun, sometimes there are extra guests and sometimes not, it make for hot fun either way <drool> <pant> <pant> and I just really wasn’t in the mood to come home on (read ride the bus for 3 hours), so I lingered. My friend said it would be cool if I stayed another night but that I’d have to leave early because they were heading out to the airport to fly to San Francisco for the weekend. Those luck dogs were going to Folsom fair on Sunday but got to town on Friday. I just can’t wait to hear what interesting adventures they got into or found <G>. His roommate L. was coming home later that day (Mmm thoughts ran through my head). Was nice just to hang out and watch TV and help out his roommate with a task and getting his mail setup so that he could send out email. L. did show up later that night and I stayed up and chatted with him. I had ulterior motives on my mind. I wanted to get fucked! Well we had some flip flop fucking hot fun!! It was well worth sticking around for! I love that place!! So off I went early in the a.m. I tried to find another buddy, but was tired and after a bit just wanted to go home and sleep. I got home Friday afternoon and actually rolled home the two miles from the bus stop. I was timing myself to see how fast I could roll the miles in and surprising I rolled a 14:40 mins for 1st miles and 14:30 for 2nd mile. Not bad for not having the faster “travel feet” as I call them. You see I’m in a wheelchair and those are the foot rests that I don’t always take with me. But I’ve now learned that it is best to have my feet rests with me as I never know where I might be rolling to.

  The weekend I was still sleeping and recovering from my fun “weekend” in the middle of the week. I still had a happy smile plastered on my face, I don’t get fucked that often. We won’t go into the detail of why that doesn’t happen that often. 

  So I hope this makes sense, as it is 4 a.m. and I’m really tired now after my 3 hour workout. Take care and I’ll read over it tomorrow. Enjoy.


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  1. Aw, too bad, playing too much WOW is a really good excuse for not posting.

    Comment by slightlyignorant | September 29, 2008 | Reply

  2. I agree, I love playing WoW and that is usually the reason why, but this time I was lazy and preoccupied. Will explain shortly. 🙂

    Comment by pnehem | October 1, 2008 | Reply

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