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Hello World!

  I’m new to blogging, well that is actually a lie. I had a Blogger site several years ago. I think I may have posted to it twice, I would check but I can’t remember any of my log in information and the blog seem to have been erased (Thank Goodness) because if memory serves me right, it was just stupid crap really not worth reading for remembering. 

  It is going to take me a bit to get the hang of this and get this site setup correctly. It’s like setting up a webpage from scratch. I know a little about doing that and even less about tag, categories, etc. But this seems to be a pretty well laid and somewhat self explanatory. I’ve look at a few other sites to see what is on their front page and seen if it would work here or not.

  I have lots to say now. Some will not be to everyone’s liking, you can’t please everyone. I will step on toes with stuff related to being gay and Christian, what the bible REALLY says about homosexuality (my own study with the help of a few authors that will be footnoted later), how I feel about being told I can’t server as a Jr./Sr. Youth Group Leader because I’m gay and so on. You can disagree with me and leave comments saying so. BUT I don’t want them to spiral into Hate Filled CRAP that I May Delete or I may leave it there and just make you look like the stupid idiot that you are. I want details to your argument. Granted mine will suck too as it’s been a long time since my logical thinking class in college. I want something more than just you reading the words out of the bible. Because you are missing what it is Saying. STUDY the original language; did your translators even get the English word correct, did they miss the meaning entirely or did they just guess because they don’t know, who was it written by, when was it written, who was it originally written for and so for!! 

  Whoaaaa Doggies I’ve gotten off track a bit. But the above gives you a little taste as to what is coming.

 Another segment will be on something a fellow Twitter asked me about. He ask what it is like being gay, HIV+ and in a wheelchair as it relates to the sexual and non-sexual aspects of my life. I gave him a few ideas and then said I would have to email him the rest. Then I thought, wow, that would be a great blog entry. So shall it be. 

  It’s 3 in the morning and I’m tired. I will try to post daily. I’m sure I’ll have something to talk (bitch) about. Ah one more things, I will warn you that not all of this site or even the front page will stay PG, it will probably swing R’ish occasionally. Hell, some people think saying gay around there children is R’ish GAY, GAY, GAY, GAY, GAY <POOF> Your son is now gay! Please <sigh>!!

  Anyway I’m off to bed, g’night folks!


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  1. Peter,

    Welcome to blogging!! I look forward to reading more about you and hearing your voice! 🙂

    Comment by Scott In The OC | September 5, 2008 | Reply

  2. I think I have a new favorite blog to read! Bookmark.

    Welcome to the blogging world for the 2nd time.

    Comment by JJ | October 20, 2008 | Reply

  3. Thanks JJ – I’ll admit that I haven’t been the most prolific blogger and I’m trying to work on that. Thanks for your comment!

    Comment by pnehem | November 29, 2008 | Reply

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