The Dark Side of Nothing

My Life as it spills out onto the screen.

A Blog is Work

  I tinker here and I futz there and then I look at the site and go, ugh I hate that text color and wonder if I can change it or I don’t like the placement of my giant picture on my about page and think off to Photoshop I go again (Damn I have a big long face and the damn Avatar window is square, try fitting a long face in a square box, somehow it just doesn’t quite fit!). I’m finding that creating and maintaining a blog is WORK. None of my buddies mentioned that but I bet it I looked into there site more I bet there is a post something like this one. I know I have one dude who is constantly wanting to change his blog look, but then he has a whole website to manage and I just have this lonely blog for the moment.

  I know I have a ton more blogs to add to my BlogRoll, so don’t worry I’ll get yours there soon. I’m following 76 and 48 follow me on Twitter and almost all of you have website and/or blogs, so I will add you soon to the list.

  Just wanted to add a quick entry before I do laundry (like you wanted to know that), but I figured if I was going to use this like a diary, bitch page and/or fact finding outlay I might as well add some boring life items too…hehe.

  I’m hoping I can get my web cam working, not that I owe another friend $30 towards his new webcam so we can see his cute face better, No he’s straight and WAY too young! (You folks with dirty minds <cough>)

  Talk in a bit!

—Seems this post didn’t publish like I asked it to do. Let’s try again!


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